Inspection & Testing

Whether you’re a landlord fulfilling your legal obligations or a householder requiring a test for insurance or home selling reasons our periodic electrical inspection, test & certification is comprehensive, detailed, and thorough and will satisfy your requirements.  It is an industry standard – to BS7671, as required by the Institute of Electrical Engineers (IEE) and you will be issued with a certificate confirming compliance of your electrical installation with current IEE and building regulations. In the event of a test failure we will provide a certificate detailing the necessary remedial works and will be happy to give a free no-obligation estimate for their completion.

A full electrical installation inspection & test includes…

  • Visual inspection – to identify any obvious existing problems or possible safety issues which are likely to occur in the future
  • Continuity of circuits – ensuring that no potentially dangerous breaks or loose connections exist in your electrical cabling / fittings
  • Insulation resistance – to confirm the necessary protection from shock caused by faulty / worn cable insulation
  • Polarity – checks that no electrical cross-connecting exists
  • Earth fault loop impedance – verifies that your installation has a good earth connection for safety
  • RCD – a series of tests are performed to check that your RCD is functioning correctly

It’s easy to take electricity for granted – just flick a switch and the power comes on. However, electricity can also be an invisible danger that can cause shocks, severe burns, and death, as well as property damage from fires and explosions.  In some cases, there is no warning of the danger to come. Older homes are particularly at risk from deterioration caused by accidental damage, routine wear and tear, corrosion, excessive electrical loading and environmental influences.

Fortunately, with a proper system of inspecting and testing, you can protect yourself and your property and fulfill your legal requirements. If your home hasn’t had an electrical inspection & test for some years then it is strongly recommended – and in the case of landlords a legal requirement – that you arrange for this to be carried out as soon as possible.

Please don’t hesitate to email or phone if you would like to arrange a visit to provide this service.